31 May

F2's Jezza Trains with Globall

F2's Jezza’s presence at Globall’s training session in October 2018 created a real buzz among the boys, even many of the parents! The boys got a close-up view of his legendary tekkers through the drills, including rondos and possession games.

With over 12 million subscribers on their F2 Freestylers YouTube channel alone, Jeremy Lynch, aka Jezza, is renowned for his amazing tekkers. Along with teammate Billy Wingrove, and assorted guests from the football world, they’re renowned for hosting the ‘Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel!’.

Their videos demonstrate the best match-play tutorials, live performances, football entertainment, pranks and banter! You can see them displaying the highest quality technical football skills alongside many of the great, current players.

It wasn’t the first time he was training with Luis though. He revealed on the day: “When you see the tekkers on F2, a big part of it is this man (Luis) ...".

Time clearly wasn’t an issue for him as he spent the entire session training with the boys. He also willingly advised and encouraged the players and ensured he spent time with all the different age groups.

Jezza definitely inspired the boys, who will never forget training alongside such a famous and talented player. It's safe to say all at Globall can't wait for Jezza's next visit!


Want to learn technicals skills and ball manipulation with Jezza's old coach, a specialist? Get in touch and come and join us at Globall once training resumes.

Visit F2Freestylers YouTube channel and check out some serious tekkers!